Hey Abbott, Glad To Hear The U.S. Supreme Court Just Issues Suggestions

Elaine Gilmartin
3 min readFeb 11, 2024

Women of Texas, time to go to town on this

By Elaine Gilmartin

Pexels-Andrew Patrick

Apparently, for Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Supreme Court rulings are no different than a buffet line at a cheap restaurant. Pick the crap you want, leave the crap you don’t.

Texas governor ignores Supreme Court ruling, adds more razor wire to border

So you say Texas is being invaded.

You say the federal government is not protecting your state and so you will take matters into your own hands.

Your opinion supersedes the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision as you assert it is harming your state. The Supreme Court made an oopsie. Wouldn’t be the first.

Hmm. Okay, then let’s go with this.

Girls and women are routinely being invaded by rapists, they are not being protected, and then if impregnated and seeking an abortion, can be hunted down for $10,000 bounty, money that would seem…



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