Money Talks and It’s Time for Women to Sue

Elaine Gilmartin
4 min readMay 4, 2022

His Sperm Needs Some Culpability Here

by Elaine Gilmartin


What I propose is this. Should this heinous Supreme Court draft attacking Roe actually come to pass, women ought to harness the power of the courts to exact real pain.

Since Alito and his compatriots seated on the Supreme Court are making the case to deny women full personhood in deference to primacy of the embryo, which I don’t recall was mentioned in the Constitution either, we have to use every tool in the arsenal.

As this attack is in reality an effort to promote authoritarianism by scaling back the economic and political empowerment of women and is anything but preserving the sanctity of life, let’s hit back.

As a twist on Texas Governor Abbott’s Senate Bill 8 in which virtually anyone can sue someone aiding or performing an abortion, let’s sue the catalyst for the reason for needing an abortion in the first place, given that women do not impregnate themselves.

I propose civil lawsuits based on the premise of the Unlawful Use of Sperm. Seeking compensation for damages is the most common reason for civil lawsuits in which the plaintiff pursues monetary compensation for personal injury, as in forced impregnation.



Elaine Gilmartin

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