My Imaginary God Can Beat Up Your Imaginary God

And why you don’t find too many atheists in jail

Elaine Gilmartin
3 min readJul 28, 2023

by Elaine Gilmartin

Pexels Stanislav Kondratiev

My god values logic and reason, not blind obedience to some texts written thousands of years ago and reasserted over and over like a battering ram to continually reinforce the status quo.

My god encourages me to think independently and critically, to question endlessly and with an abundance of curiosity.

My god actually espouses the inherent value of all people equally, with no gender asserting dominance or authority over the other.

My god doesn’t think there is anything shameful about a woman’s body and so does not dictate dress code or behavioral prohibitions.

My god has no investment in anyone’s lifestyle.

My god thinks shame and guilt are useless emotions that undermine productive introspection and growth.

My god does not harbor delusions of grandeur, celestial chariots in the sky and pearly gates with tickets required for admission.

My god doesn’t command me to do anything.

My god doesn’t bless one country over others.

My god doesn’t expect me to bargain in desperate prayer for the life of a loved one.



Elaine Gilmartin

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